Writing Help

Before you check out my new Writer’s Resources page, here is a test: (Answer below, but no peeking.)

To get the most out of the resources listed there you should:

 A. Stop everything, go out and buy all the books, surf all the websites and blogs, curl up in a cave with your Abyssinian and study writing for the next ten years. Then, when you know everything, stumble out into the daylight and begin the book that will change the way we think about fiction.


B: WRITE AT ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED, stopping only to consult this rich trove of writing lore for answers to specific problems related to your book.

ANSWER:  (What did I just say about peeking?)

Those hapless folks who think “A” is the way to go are tragically mistaken. They are doomed, in my view, to a life of getting ready.

All the reference books and websites in the world won’t help you if you’re not writing. Writing is experiential.  I believe, as Theodore Rothke did,  “I learn by going where I have to go.” So go hit those keys.


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