Gun Still Firing (Silently)

Bad guys make a grab for the heroine’s young son. Bastards will have to pay for that. Topped page 100 in the first draft of Silent as a Gun. Little by little, day by day we will get the damn thing written. Funny thing on Facebook today. A dog sits looking at a computer screen. The caption reads, The First Two Rules of Writing: Sit. Stay. Let that be your mantra today.
Word Count: 1397. Page Count: 4.


Silent as a Gun

Almost at the hundred page mark.Two opposing forces lining up against each other in Silent as a Gun. Draft is rough, but one just has to ignore the scratchiness of it and push on. Hoping to hear that you’re the same. Right now, all that counts is word count.
Word Count: 1522. Page Count: 5.

Spy Novel Advances

As we venture into the new year, the bad guys confer in their mysterious Blue Mountain hideout, still “Silent as a Gun.” We expect, however, that a lot noise is about to rip the still mountain air. And I’m about to break 100 pages of rank, raw rough draft. Thanks for following this project. Tell me about yours. Writer’s block rearing its ugly concrete head?
Word Count: 550. Page Count: 4.

“Gun” Progress

Working through our heroine’s confrontation with CIA bad guy. Lots of fun as Silent as a Gun moves toward 100 pages of rough draft. Watch this space for Archeology of the Heart jump starts. We all need that once in a while. Happy word count.
Word Count: 1109. Page Count: 10.

New Archeology

Old Dr. John trusts you’re writing your head off to start the new year. Here’s a free-write prompt to get you writing your heart out. Let yourself and your keyboard (or pen) race freely for five minutes to complete the phrase: “As a kid, I wanted a . . .”