The Great Self-Publishing Question

Lot of noise. Not too much real data out there on self-publishing. Lot of heat generated–not much light. Here’s an interesting survey of 1000 self-publishers. Can’t attest to the valididty. Had any self-publishing experience? I’d love to hear your story.


Nights on the Point (novel excerpt)

This is the opening of my soon-to-be-released surreal comic novel. Watch for it.

“Set out from any point. They are all alike. They all lead to a point of              departure.”

–Antonio Porchia


A week ago Sunday, Nikki and Jack crossed the Thin Ruby Line that cuts maps and microchips and hearts: Going and not going.

They don’t know it now, but there will be another line before it’s over, not red like rubies, but clear and cold as Colorado air, and twice as wide as Texas–a line you can, of course, cross only once.

Handling radio interviews (quiver)

A while back, did a lot of radio interviews to promote The Kingfisher’s Call and found it kind of a mixed bag. Some people pretty sharp, some not so much. I prepared a number of talking points which I thought showcased particular elements of the book, and tried to relate the announcer’s question to those points. Something to remember: You don’t have to answer the question you’re asked. I don’t mean clam up, I mean bend it to your own interests and needs. “Is this book really about Viet Nam?” You say, “There are a lot of conflicts in the world, but they all have a similar theme. My book deals with the problem of . . . (blah blah blah. You take control of the interview that way. All the radio guy wants is some interesting talk to fill a specific hole in his schedule. Substantive content is not usually high on his adgenda. Therefor, you can easily insert your specific talking points, highlighting your book’s strengths. Relax, breathe and listen, the key to successful radio interviews. “Up next, the famous author . . .”

New John Reed Thrillers

Dear Friends,

We’re pleased to announce that two of John Reed’s popular thrillers are now available from Amazon on  Kindle and Barnes and Nobel in Nook format. (Links below) Great summer reading. Check them out!



The Kingfisher’s Call

A review from Booklist: “Reed is a better craftsman than Clancy . . . and his plot is packed with an amazing array of twists and turns.”


Dark Thirty

A page-turning thriller ripped from today’s headlines. A rogue CIA agent fights to unravel a deadly conspiracy involving terrorists, tigers and a fight to the death in the dark forests of  North Korea.


Please  pass this message along to your reader friends. Many thanks.