Final “Gun” of the Year

We’ve reached the end of a busy holiday season, managing to get “Silent as a Gun” up to Chapter Eleven. (The good kind, not the financial collapse kind) Our hero is considering giving it up and going fishing out in Idaho when suddenly, disaster strikes. I think they’ve screwed with the wrong guy. Best to you in the new writing year. Resolve to keep up your word count. I’ll do the same. Go Ducks.
Word Count: 1020. Page Count: 3.


“Gun” Marches On

Making novel progress on this Holiday roller coaster is always a challenge. But we’re all on the same iceberg, so keep that word count coming. As for me, Silent as a Gun is beginning to take shape. Nearing 70 pages of editable dreck.
Hope to hear your word count is up–your spirits as well. Send me your success (or horror) stories.
Word Count: 653. Page Count: 3.

“Gun” Update

Feeling good as this novel creeps toward Chapter Ten. I seem to be spending a lot of time doing “scaffolding” which is setting up the framework for the story, while making only modest page count progress. Next time–a creative blast coming, I know it.
Word Count: 732. Page Count: 4.
By the way, the prequel to Silent as a Gun, Delta Prime, is about to be released on Amazon. You’ll be the first to know.

“Silent” Creeps Forward

Some days writing a novel seems like a slog. So it is today with Silent as a Gun. But we must keep rolling. More pages tomorrow, and the next day. And one of these days there will be a first draft. That’s when the work really begins. Sit yourself down right now, get a little word count. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be Thursday.
Word Count: 349. Page Count: 3

Nights on the Point

Just released: my latest novel, which I co-wrote under the pseudonym Roland Blair with old friend and former Davis resident, Ken White

May the Bear be with you.

Nights on the Point is the story of three friends who light out for the territories because life is in the doing. Out on the road, Jack, Nikki, and Weston find power and magic they had never dreamed of. And gliding alongside unseen is the Bear – the first of their companions from the “other side.”
As the journey continues, the computer-generated world of the future collides with the timeless mythology of a land before language – interrupted periodically by whiskey, “reality burgers,” fist fights with crazed carnies, Zen trances, and country songs. The two sides of consciousness move closer and closer until, out of gas in the desert, our three travelers come face-to-face with their other-world counterparts.
The journey nearly ends forever in New Orleans with a poker game, an arrest for murder, and the disappearance of Nikki. Reunited on a stolen sailboat in Mobile Bay, the players embark on a final cruise down past Mile Zero to Key West.
And it’s happy ever after, right? Hot winds and heartbreaks, skinheads and shotguns write a different story as Jack and Weston face the inevitable end of their journey. But, is this really the end, or just the beginning of another journey?
Will the circle be unbroken? Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye.