Writer’s Resources

There’s a lot of good writing help on the web. But there’s also a lot of scumbags offering bum dope–dubious advice for writers–even ripping them off.

That’s why I wanted to give you a list of some of the GOOD GUYS.

We’ll start with my website: www.writerswelcome.com 

 Then, visit some of my friends for more writing help:











If you find problems with any of these sites, please let me know.

                                                                                      HARD COPY

For those folks who like the feel of paper and the smell of ink (does anyone “curl up with a good blog”?) here is a list of some books I’ve found useful (and stolen ideas from) over the years:

A writing friend whom I respect greatly once described Chris Vogler’s book, The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, is “The only writing book you’ll ever need.” It is the classic story structure book, based on Joseph Cambell’s, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Though it came out a few years ago, How to Write a Damn Good Novel, by James N. Frey (not the drug addict phony-memoir guy) remains a top seller. One reason: It’s a damn good book. Mystery writers might want to take a look at How to Write a Damn Good Mystery.

Since I started this page warning you about web-based vermin, I had to include Jenna Glatzer’s excellent book, The Street-Smart Writer: Self-defense Against Sharks and Scams in the Writing World. A breath of fresh air.

The all-time classic, which I often refer to in my writing workshops, is The Art of Fiction, Notes on Craft For Young Writers, by John Gardner. If you find it a little hard going, skip to Chapter 5, ‘Common Errors.’ Odds are good that you’re making all of them. I sure have.

If you have as much trouble with character development as I do, I recommend, The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits, by Linda N. Edelstein

Meg Leder and Jack Heffron at Writer’s Digest have put together a nice list of interviews and articles about writing by a lot of famous writers in, The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing. A nice, comprehensive one-volume reference.

A similar all-in-one reference is, The Novel Writer’s Tool Kit, by Bob Mayer.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Resources

  1. Hi John,
    Your website and blog are great. i met you at the Writer’s Conference in San Miguel in February and loved your workshop on building character.
    This resource guide sounds wonderful and like a “fuil meal” for the aspiring writer. My only fear is I might fall into the pit, reading about writing more than doing the writing! I’ve been struggling to establish a regular writing schedule and like your admonition “just write”! Hopefully, I will have something worthwhile to send you for that “free first editing” session you mention in your website.

    I’m also seriously considering your Mexico Writer’s adventure. It sounds great. I hope I am not too late. How many people are you accepting?

    Hasta luego,
    Sher Davidson from Portland, Oregon

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