I’m a novelist, a conference presenter and a book doctor. The thing I enjoy most is helping people become better writers and get their stuff out there. 

This blog exists to help writers. If you’re working, you’re welcome! Feel free to ask questions about your writing problems. You’ll also find information about upcoming writer’s workshops and other Writers Welcome projects.

In this blog I’ll share tips from my forthcoming book, The Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make and How to Fix Them. After editing and critiquing over 300 novels on our website, www.writerswelcome.com I began to notice people making the same mistakes over and over. I narrowed them down to the top ten and I’ll be talking about these mistakes in my blog entries. I try to liven it up with a little off-center humor now and then. I welcome your feedback. I encourage you to WRITE ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED!

John Reed
Biographical Notes
John Reed is the author of four espionage novels, Thirteen Mountain, Dark Thirty, Shadow White as Stone and The Kingfisher’s Call.
For more than twenty years, he has conducted writing workshops and seminars in the U.S. and abroad. He has been a presenter at the Maui Writers Retreat and is a staff instructor at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. He has also done workshops for Willamette Writer’s Conference in Portland, the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference in Seattle, The Oregon Writer’s Colony and the San Miguel Writer’s Conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He developed and serves as the principal instructor for writing retreats in Zihuatanejo, Mexico and for the “Writers-By-The-Sea” workshop series on the Oregon coast. He also works with many writers one-on-one through his editing and critique website: http://www.writerswelcome.com. In that capacity, he has analyzed and critiqued over 400 novels.
Follow him on-line at allwriterswelcome.wordpress.com, or Facebook.com/writerswelcome.
His presentations are characterized by humor and high energy. His experience as a writer and teacher has helped many writers find their voice, polish their prose and market their work.
His poetry has appeared in over 50 literary magazines and journals throughout the U.S. and Canada, including: The Carolina Quarterly, Descant, The Old Hickory Review, Four Quarters, The New Mexico Humanities Review, Negative Capability and the Piedmont Literary Quarterly. He won the New England Review/Breadloaf Quarterly’s National Narrative Poetry Competition in 1985.



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