Chase McGuire and the Hero’s Journey

Silent as a Gun arrives at the moment when our hero must accept the quest. If he refuses, of course, the book is over. If you haven’t heard about the Hero’s Journey, which as been around for thousands of years, please buy and read The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.
So the crapolla first draft pushes on, though the urge to go back and clean it up is strong. Must resist.
Word Count: 1264 Page Count: 6


Novel Progress

Silent as a Gun enters its fifth chapter. The hero and the heroine meet. Trouble beckons. Sparks fly. Spies lurk.
Note to self: “It’s not how the cops work on the case, it’s how the case works on the cops.” –Joseph Wambaugh.
Word Count: 1126 Page Count: 5

Novel Pushes On

Hacked out a short, but pivotal scene for Silent as a Gun. The heroine finds out her long lost super-spy uncle is still alive and trying to contact her. I love this spy stuff. Mantra for today: Must resist the urge to go back and edit. Keep moving. Junk it through. Oh, I guess that’s three mantras.
Word count 579 Pages 2

Novel Thoughts

At work on Silent as a Gun. Some thoughts gleaned this morning from Shambala Sun: Traditional Buddhist texts list Five Hindrances that block success: Desire. Aversion. Sloth and Torpor. Restlessness. Doubt. All of these assail the writer–assail me–as the task of writing a novel looms.
A sudden thought: All of our characters feel these things, too. Let’s use ’em. This post doesn’t count as working on the novel because–say it together: ALL THAT COUNTS IS WORD COUNT!
Now, lets hit those keys.

New Novel Progress

Pushing on with the rough first draft of Silent as a Gun. Challenge today was to leave the rough prose alone and push onward. Must resist the urge to spend all afternoon editing and polishing. The immortal words of Ken Kesey became my mantra for today: “Junk it through.” I found I belive in the dogma of the shitty first draft–I just don’t want it to be mine.
Work count: 994 Pages 5.

New Spy Book

Finally. After a long research and outlining process (don’t ask), this week marks the beginning of the dreaded First Draft of Silent as a Gun. It’s a thriller about a Private eye who struggles to get himself back into the game after devastating loss. And, of course, the fate of the free world is at stake.

I plan to keep an on-line journal and I invite your comments. I’ll throw in writing tips as we go.
So far: Word count 1163. Page count 6. Thought for the day from Joseph Wambaugh: “Its not how the cops work on the case, it’s how the case works on the cops.”