Plotting Tips

Another writing tip from Writers Welcome (

Lay out the events of the book on SCENE CARDS, something you can add, discard or reshuffle at will.

The first card may be the Ending. Others may include:

The Inciting Incident (sets the plot in motion)

The Prize (What your character wants)

The Strategy (What does your character decide to do to get it?)

The Conflict (Who are the people working against her?)

The Stakes (Consequences if the plan doesn’t work)

The Bleakest Moment (What happens when things look hopeless)

The Lesson (what does your character learn about himself or others?)

The Decision (What does your character do with what he has learned?)

The Back Story (What is haunting your character as the story starts?)

Remember: Events in the plot are causally connected. Not just ODTAA*
*One Damned Thing After Another


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