Nights on the Point

Here’s a book that will put a smile in your summer reading. One reviewer called it “An insane romp–over to the other side.” I wrote this with my friend, Ken White, using the pseudonym, “Roland Blair.” Folks who knew us in the old days may recognize a few of the characters.


Creative Writing Class

Fiction writers welcome! Join me for a lively five-week writing class called “Creating Believable Characters”. Our first meeting is July 29th at the Baker Downtown Center in Eugene. It’s a great way to energize your writing life this summer.You’ll find more info and a registration form here: or email me at

Gun Still Firing (Silently)

Bad guys make a grab for the heroine’s young son. Bastards will have to pay for that. Topped page 100 in the first draft of Silent as a Gun. Little by little, day by day we will get the damn thing written. Funny thing on Facebook today. A dog sits looking at a computer screen. The caption reads, The First Two Rules of Writing: Sit. Stay. Let that be your mantra today.
Word Count: 1397. Page Count: 4.

Silent as a Gun

Almost at the hundred page mark.Two opposing forces lining up against each other in Silent as a Gun. Draft is rough, but one just has to ignore the scratchiness of it and push on. Hoping to hear that you’re the same. Right now, all that counts is word count.
Word Count: 1522. Page Count: 5.