Jr. John’s Grammar Quiz #36

A mysterious, though highly literate British army officer, Steph, (not his real name) zeroed in on the error in Grammar Quiz #35. One “homes” in, in the manner of pigeons. One “hones” in in the manner of sharpening one’s ax.

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #36 Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? “His favorite football team, thanks to an historic Super Bowl victory, has shown itself to be the penultimate team in the country.”


5 thoughts on “Jr. John’s Grammar Quiz #36

  1. Actually, it means “next to last.” Also, although your tongue begs for it, “an” historical is nicky-pickishly incorrect. Did the power-hitting shortstop just hit “an” home run? (And my true identity must indeed be concealed at all costs, eh, old buggersnot?)

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