Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #35

Grammar Quiz #34 snuck beneath the radar of even our sharpest viewers. Three errors?  Yes, all having to do with redundancy. My “pet peeve” is, de facto, my favorite, no need to brand it so. ATM is the abbreviation for “Automatic Teller Machine.” PIN means “Personal Identification Number.” Our example was really saying, “Automatic Teller Machine machine” and  Personal Identification Number number.”.

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #35 Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? “The basketball coach has encouraged his varsity players to hone in on the fundamentals and forget their so-called ‘trick plays.'” 


One thought on “Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #35

  1. “To home in on” makes about as much sense as “to sharpen in on” or “to polish in on.”
    Perhaps the varsity players should simply concentrate on the fandamentals, hone their basic skills, and all pitch in to buy their coach a copy of Strunk and White. (And again: Why do I receive only every other Grammar Quiz? Frustrating. I would have nailed #34. Such redundancies are one of my peeves, though hardly my pet peeve, which I will keep to myself.
    The PC police might be monitoring.

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