Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #30

Quiz #29, Two sharp readers nailed this one. Hats off to Cat and Ramos. The Quiz contained one of the most common mistakes editors encounter. Their responses tell the story. Cat suggest that if she was around the disgusting Ferris wheel guy, she would find him “nauseous.” Ramos suggests anyone who snarfed all the corn dogs and rode the Ferris wheel would no doubt feel “nauseated”. 

Just to clarify, “nauseous” means something that produces nausea in others. “Nauseated” is what you feel when you encounter something “nauseous.”  The corn dog incident, by the way, was taken from Dr. John’s real life. I was younger then, o.k.? 

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #30 Can you spot the glaring error in the following sentence? “The weather in Fairbanks seems always to be cold this time of year, far different than the sun belt states.”


2 thoughts on “Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #30

  1. “Reserve your hotel room now in balmy Fairbanks,” states Sun Belt.

    But I think you’re going for something else, Dr., so enlighten me.

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