Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #29

 Quiz #28 focused on one of Dr. John’s pet peeves: Made-up words. “Impactful” isn’t a word. “Impact” can be a noun, as in “the artillery shell’s impact was felt . . .”  It can be used as a verb (transitive) as in, “The bad review impacted my ability to find a publisher.” However, “impactful” is a made-up buzzword. Get it out of your writing.

Note: When you’re temped to use “impact” as a verb, use “affect” instead.

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #29. Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? “After three corn dogs with hot mustard and four rides on the Ferris wheel, he was beginning to feel nauseous.”



3 thoughts on “Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #29

  1. I know what you’re getting at, John (rather, I know at what you are getting) but…were I in the presence of this mustard besotted adrenaline junky, I’d likely find him nauseous.

  2. Ramos Lejeune ain’t never met a dog that could handle hot mustard then four ferris wheel rides without feeling nauseated hisself, much less nauseous.

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