Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #27

The answer to Grammar Quiz #26 lies in understanding the proper use of “disinterested” and “uninterested.” As sharp-eyed reader, Ramos L., pointed out, the people at the grammar seminar are likely “uninterested.” Contrary to popular misuse, a disinterested person is an impartial person, as judges and referees are supposed to be. Ramos also made two accurate comments on style: “rate of” and “a bit” are likely superfluous. (Hey, I don’t write this stuff.)

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #27 Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? “The marketing director is anxious to see the new advertising proposal, since it will , if approved, double the department’s budget.”


One thought on “Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #27

  1. My training as a copy editor included the stern admonishment to never confuse “since” with “as”-—”since” should be used only in matters dealing with time.

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