Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #19

Grammar Quiz #18 was a tough one. Only Clarice from Santa Barbara was able to nail it. It centers on a redundancy that is often overlooked, even by the most careful writers. The problem lies in the construction, “reason is because.” The sense of “because” is already in the sentence in the word, “reason.” Using them both is redundant. (This is the only thing I remember from my eighth grade Business Communications class.)

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #19  Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? “In order to ensure continued support from the forest products lobby, the corporation will have to soft pedal its connection to the environmental movement.”


One thought on “Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #19

  1. Good point. Another grammar point. Prologue begins a story in many instances but often it stands alone. So is it really a beginning? Or, is it a theme for a story to take off on with a real beginning?

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