Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz # 18

Quiz # 17 generated some creative responses. Jenny noted, (correctly, according to the AP Stylebook) that “F.B.I.” in our example is properly written “FBI.” A brand new error is therewith uncovered. But not the main one. Garrison felt it should be “amongst” instead of “among.” According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, either may be used, but “among” is preferred. The glaring grammatical error in the sentence however, lies elsewhere. Strip the sentence down to its basic parts, take out the Gingrich clause, and you’ll see that, “Mr. Lott was . . .”

Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz # 18 Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? “Mr. Bush asserted that the reason his proposal had yet to catch on was because the media coverage of it had been overwhelmingly negative.”


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