Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #16

Grammar Quiz #15 got a lot of interesting guesses. Garrison suggests ‘critical acclaim’ is not really a prize to be won, but something received along with the prize. A semantic hair-split that may have merit. However, the real problem lies in the “memoir that became a first-time author at age 66.” It was really McCourt who wrote the darn thing when he was 66, and subsequently won critical acclaim.

Dr. John’s Grammar quiz #16 Can you spot the glaring grammatical error in this sentence? (a tricky one.) “If he could spare the money, he’d gladly loan it to me.”


One thought on “Dr. John’s Grammar Quiz #16

  1. I believe sparing the money means he’d give the money away. A loan implies that he’d want to be repaid. This could be totally wrong, but it’s my guess.

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