November Contest Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca West, the winner of our November Writing Contest. I’ll be working with Rebecca on a one-month mentorship program starting early next year (program details at
Rebecca’s masterful use of concrete sensory detail, sharp, believable dialog and authentic voice put her high up in the ‘keep reading’ category.
Here’s a sample:
       When I open the door to my waiting room, the guy sprawled on the couch ignores me. A thin curl of smoke waftaround the ceiling lights. Nice. I scan the floor and table for his mashed out cigarette. Maybe he stashed it in his pocket for later. Maybe he ate it. 
        “Andrew Dale?” I don’t know who else he could be. He’s more than two hours late for his appointment—not that it matters. I don’t have any other patients scheduled for today. 
        He drags his attention away from the magazine that he can’t possibly be reading, flicks a shock of greasy hair off a white scar that cuts through his eyebrow, and makes a slow impudent perusal of my person, shoes up. It’s a look I might also find menacing, but I was bigger than he is when I was twelve. Must get his ass kicked all over the place. Guys like him will get into it with anybody; makes them feel real.
Stay tuned for more contests.

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