Santa Barbara Winners

Congrats to the winners. Great style, great creativity. Still time to register for the conference, but you better hurry!

After reviewing over 200 entries into SBWC’s 2012 Best Opening Contest, we’ve named one winner and two runner-ups.

  • First Place: Melanie Thorne

We compare scars like war veterans, replay our history by the marks in our skin. At night, quietly so Mom can’t hear, we trace the raised flesh road maps of our lives and whisper our stories into the dark.

  • Runner-ups: Christina Gessler & Chris Westphal

From Christina Gessler: “Of course the average man doesn’t take his dead lover for a spin in a hot-wired hearse,” Sheila Miller told the district attorney, “but I did not raise my Robert to be average.”

From Chris Westphal: Destiny approached Tom Huttle like a door-to-door salesman: furtive, eager, a little rumpled. It had something special for Tom, yes indeed; something that he really needed, something just perfect for him, if only he would take a look.


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