Handling radio interviews (quiver)

A while back, did a lot of radio interviews to promote The Kingfisher’s Call and found it kind of a mixed bag. Some people pretty sharp, some not so much. I prepared a number of talking points which I thought showcased particular elements of the book, and tried to relate the announcer’s question to those points. Something to remember: You don’t have to answer the question you’re asked. I don’t mean clam up, I mean bend it to your own interests and needs. “Is this book really about Viet Nam?” You say, “There are a lot of conflicts in the world, but they all have a similar theme. My book deals with the problem of . . . (blah blah blah. You take control of the interview that way. All the radio guy wants is some interesting talk to fill a specific hole in his schedule. Substantive content is not usually high on his adgenda. Therefor, you can easily insert your specific talking points, highlighting your book’s strengths. Relax, breathe and listen, the key to successful radio interviews. “Up next, the famous author . . .”


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