Creating characters of the opposite gender can be a hellofa tricky task. In a workshop called “He Said, She Said,” my pal Jennie Shortridge and I try to make the point that observation and respect are the two keys. Look, listen, watch how men and women react, move, speak.
     Each person–male or female–has a distinct set of behaviors, unique traits,some good, some bad. If you  write with all your biases showing, you’ll end up with cardboard people. Whiney women, domineering men, you know all the rest.
    All men are . . .,
    Women always . . .
   As you write today (you are writing today?) open your eyes and open your heart give us real people, men and women, with hearts and minds and souls and dreams.
   Perform this invigorating creative process at WRITE AT ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED.


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