The national economy is leaking on the sheets.
  Everybody knows that.
  The publishing industry is circling the bowl
   Everybody knows that.
   So why write?
    Here’s why. Whatever happens, you’ll be better off with a top-notch book to sell when things get better. Your psyche will be strengthened as your writing skills improve. It will be two years before anything you’re working on now sees the light of publication. Things might well be a lot better. Even if they’re not, you will have gained just by the affirmative act of writing itself.
    Your goal for today: Cease whining about the state of the world. Even if you have to use both sides of your yellow pad and sharpen your pencil with your teeth, HIT THOSE KEYS.
    The awful state economic affairs is nothing to laugh about, but take your nose out of the Business Weekly and keep polishing that book.
    You’ll be a better person for it. To accomplish this mission, of course, you will have to WRITE AT ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED.


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