Thanks to the folks following this blog. I’m particularly interested in first paragraphs. (see new blog person.) You don’t have much time to hook people’s attention. So hit those keys. Who is the story about?
What’s at stake? What’s the inciting incident? Tell me now!
    There, I’ve just used up my lifetime supply of exclamation points.
     Nothing left but to tell you, WRITE AT ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED.


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  1. If you write at top speed, you not only outrun your inner censor, you invent wonderous things on the fly. Not unlike the new dance steps you invent running down an icy sidewalk in high heels. It might not be pretty, but you make moves you didn’t know were possible. Good work, Mandy.

  2. I didn’t mean to be anonymous in my earlier comment! I enjoy your blog and your advice. I start at PLU for the MFA in creative writing in August of this year. I’m very excited, and I find myself writing and reading a lot lately. This is good. I came upon your blog while googling something about writing. Thanks again.


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