Top of the year, top of the slate. Time to get writing. Is that your New Year’s resolution? Let me ask you a question: Did you resolve to get out of bed? To hit the bathroom? To have breakfast?

     Probably not, because you do that already, it’s part of your regular routine.
     All the tens of thousands of gifted writers reading this blog are probably way ahead of me. I know what you’re thinking: Professionals make writing a habit, something they do almost without thinking, not some big special deal they get hyped up about on special occasions.
      So, mi compadres, I am not interested in your New Year’s resolutions–which you will probably blow off in the next three days anyway–all that counts in word count. Do it right now. Give me your thoughts on this little post.
     Some suggested responses:
     “Lordy, lordy, John, you’ve changed my writing life forever and I look forward to sharing my generous six-figure advance with you.”
     “Ten thousand gifted writers? What are you smoking?”
     “Why aren’t you writing instead of blogging?”
      Whoa, that last one is really touching home. I’m out of here, with the usual admonition to WRITE AT ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED–this year and every year.



2 thoughts on “

  1. I have decided to enter a few writing competitons this year to get my name out about while working on my novel.

    best wishes to you.


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