Snow and freezing stuff in much of our viewing area today. How does all that stuff effect your writing? Time off from your day job, snowed in? Great. More writing time. Too hot to venture out of the AC? Great. Might as well write. What do you do when the environment suddenly works against you?
     Art historians sometimes talk about the “universe of circumstance,” where everything in an artist’s life effects his or her work. True for writers too. The question is, how much of that universe can you control–shape to your writing needs?
     A lot of writers dream of getting away to a mountain retreat, or a cabana on the beach. “Then I could do some damn writing,” they say. Of course, that’s an unreachable goal at the moment and, as newscasters say, something you won’t reach “anytime soon.” (I hate that cliche with every fiber of my being.)
      So, what’s the use of writing? Plus, the Lakers game is on.
     I am not fond of the idea that one will write one of these days when all the stars are in alignment. Professional writers write whether they want to or not. And a lot of times they don’t.
     Remember, there is no Zen on the mountain that you don’t bring yourself. I don’t know if old Lao-tzu said that (see his daily quotes at the bottom of the page) but I know he believed it.
     I’m following “The One Minute Writer” blog were every day you’ll find a one-word writing prompt. If that gets you going, do it.
     The best and strongest writing prompts, though, come from right inside your heart. Look down there and see what moves you. And even if you don’t want to, hit those keys. Curb your whining. As they say in the NFL, “Play hurt.”
      And above all, to escape the pull of your own gravity, you must (now would be a good time) WRITE AT ABSOLUTE TOP SPEED.


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