At this moment, I’m basking in post-election euphoria, thoughts cooled and tempered by the gentle Oregon rain.
       We’re following some interesting blogs today. I encourage you to check them out. Particularly Shelly Lowenkopf’s excellent contribution to the work of helping writers. The depth of his knowledge and expertise is astonishing. He is one helluva teacher. You’ll find lots of useful stuff on his blog. Click on “my profile” and scroll down to the list of blogs I’m following.
     I’m proud to note that Shelly is my collegue; another of the infamous Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference pirate workshop leaders. He was, I believe, the original pirate workshop leader. A few days ago, I mentioned the SBWC and posted a link to the home page. Check it out. Maybe you’ll even want to join us in Santa Barbara for the summer conference.
     My toughts are with the folks who have lost their homes in the fire raging in that beautiful city.
     Thanks to the people who have contributed to this blog. Feel free to jump into the conversation. Ask your writing questions. Next on the help-for-writers agenda: What to keep and what to cut. Or, the Kenny Rogers paradigm. (You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold em, etc.)
     Hit those keys, vaqueros and vaqueras.


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